Welcome to The Traditional Skateboards Company. . .

Traditional Skateboards was established in 2008 and is based in South Salt Lake, Utah. It’s been a small company since day one. There’s never been any big intentions of becoming a giant corporation, or for getting rich. It’s just a company run by a lifelong skateboarder who loves skateboards, and skateboarding, and who has been around long enough to see a LOT of things happen.

Me, ollie, 1995.
Me, ollie, 1995.

I started skating in 1985, and I’ve seen a lot of good people and companies come and go over the last four decades. I’ve also seen a lot of crap people and companies who were only in it for the money. I’ve seen a lot of trends and fads, and in the end, the traditional skateboard has stood the test of time.


Technically, a Traditional Skateboard would be an old school banana board, or sidewalk surfer. But to ME, a “traditional skateboard” is whatever type of board YOU first started skating on. So if you started skating in the mid to late 90’s or anytime from then up until now, the typical “popsicle” shape deck would be traditional to you.
A traditional skateboard for me was a 9″ wide deck from the mid-1980’s with a funky shape, a steep tail, and almost no nose.


Like it's 1988
Barry Tufo and myself, 1988.

Regardless of what type of board you skate, or want to skate, I want to offer every type of shape and size of deck for you. And also wheels, clothing, and hard goods.

The main goal of Traditional Skateboards is to offer top quality decks and other products to skaters for a good price. And I do it because I still skate and I LOVE it.

Traditional Skateboards, for the LOVE. For the FUN.

One of the original Traditional decks
Second generation Traditional deck, circa 2010.