Drove down to Phoenix Arizona for Skatercon 2017 with Cole and Josh, stopped in Vegas and some other towns along the way. Skated with Ryan Fabry at the Cranch, skated some ditches and DIY spots and a ton of fun parks. Saw Eric Dressen, Salba, Bill Danforth, Steve Steadham, Jesse Martinez, Professor Schmidt, Jim Gray, Spidey, the Blockhead guys, Jeremy Wray, and a bunch of other pros along with JFA and several other bands at Skatercon. Big thanks to Fabry and Hens for letting us crash at their pads.
You might see The Traditional Skateboards Company at a booth at next years Skatercon. . . Stay tuned.
Here’s an edit with all kinds of random footy from the trip, bails, makes, bullshit, whatever. Enjoy!

Flashback to an oldie but goodie. . .


Here it is. . .
Sorry about the wait. I had hours of footage to go through and zero time to do it. No music due to Youtube’s rules.
Thanks Ben Page for being born and giving a new birth to the annual summer trip north from Salt Lake!! Always a good time, and this year was SUPER fun! There was a big crew of skaters, some from years past, and some new people who we met along the way.
From August 3rd through the 8th, we hit Idaho Falls Idaho, Big Sky Montana, aka: Burnsky, Bozeman Montana, an insane private indoor wood bowl with pool coping, back through Driggs Idaho, then Jackson Wyoming, and finally Alpine Wyoming.
CAN’T WAIT to do it again!

The Slashfest 2016 edit.


Go skate. Turn your computer or your phone OFF. Go skate, and film. Go have fun!!



randomedit from Traditional Skateboards on Vimeo.

Teamrider Zach Beam killing that one ramp. . .

Pause for a moment to remember those who lost their lives in the Paris attacks.
Pause for a moment to remember those   who lost their lives in the Paris attacks AND the attack in San Bernardino California. Think about what’s happening in the world today, and what YOU might be able to do to help things change for the better. Don’t hate, go skate!


We are here now. . .

Welcome to Traditional Skateboards.


THIS IS Tradtional Skateboarding.
No fake photo shoots.
No over produced hype.

Just skateboards, and skateboarding.
And a tiny skate company run by skaters.


Custom mini-cruiser for new Serna Skate Clan member Joaquin Serna.
Custom mini-cruiser for new Serna Skate Clan member Joaquin Serna.

Skating SSLappyland. . .


Just a little edit from the NONTest, Sunday, May 31st. 2015.

nontest 2 from Traditional Skateboards on Vimeo.



Traditional Skateboards. . .






Me. Back D at Ashley's
Mike. Back D at Ashley’s. Photo courtesy of Fritz Kollman.


Seven years ago. . .
Seven years ago. . .
Fresh pile of decks by the one and only Mike Murdock